Estate accountant at work in Mississauga & Etobicoke

Estate planning services from an experienced estate accountant

Estates and Trusts

Estate planning and compliance matters are very complex. It is absolutely critical that your estate accountant understands the tax laws related to estates and trusts to minimize the tax on the trust and its beneficiaries.

Strategic Business Succession Planning & Transfer of Management

A three to five-year business plan is a foundation on which the succession plan can be built. A good estate accountant will help successors develop management skills to successfully run the business in the future. Estate planning is key for the business to thrive.

Estate Planning and Succession Services include:

  • Business Succession - including priority for those children not in the business
  • Capital Gains Tax - strategies for mitigation
  • Estate Liquidity - keeping families and businesses intact in case of premature death
  • Buy-Out - getting the "sweat equity" out of your business
  • Partnerships/Shareholders - buy-sell funding
  • Special Asset Transfers - cottages, U.S. properties
  • Creditor-Proofing assets
  • Estate and Trust accounting tax return preparation
  • Financial counselling to beneficiaries
  • Creative uses of trusts
  • "Estate freezing"
  • Crystallization of small business capital gains exemption
  • Minimization of income taxes and probate fees
  • Acting as trustee